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Your World. Upgraded.

The Ask

Create a campaign identity and online portal for the latest Three retail incentive to drive sales and boost knowledge of the premium Samsung device range, including the Galaxy S9 handset.

The solution

Working with the Yellow Fish Comms team, a lifestyle inspired identity was created, aligning the design to the latest S9 marketing campaign. An exciting reward mechanic, where staff could select the rewards they wished to play for right from the start of their incentive journey, kicked things off.

With the user choosing how they wished to upgrade their world, personalised incentive communications were sent throughout, targeting messaging to keep everyone engaged every step of the way. An easy to use web app packed with incentive info, interactive game, leader boards and personalised profile to track progress and redeem rewards was developed. This platform also gave the client valuable insights, analytics and reporting tools to monitor engagement throughout. The campaign was given the accolade of ‘best in class’ by the client due to its originality yet simplicity to ensure seamless execution.

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