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Augmented Reality History Wall

The ask

Create an engaging large-format installation to help mark SITA’s 70th Anniversary within the air transport industry. To be installed at the 2019 SITA Innovation Forum in Brussels, it will showcase major milestones, industry firsts and historical advancements across the seven decades. It is important for this piece to not only be aesthetically balanced but also serve up the information in a fresh and innovative way that would be fitting of the event.

The solution

Working closely with SITA to review their historical archive of facts and photography, we set about designing a way of bringing the information to life through an interactive illustrated timeline. The experience allowed visitors to pick up a tablet and follow the timeline discovering a series of questions and facts along the way. Using augmented reality, key images triggered a series of animated carousels, enabling users to explore key dates within the seven decades and discover the answers. The result was an engaging installation that sparked conversations throughout the event. The display was also later re-homed at the SITA head office where it continues to educate & engage staff and visitors on SITA’s impressive history.

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